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Detection of flaws in metallic structures (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic):

  • production of metals (material and structural defects, discontinuities )
  • process of manufacturing metal items (quality control)
  • metal items being operated
  • electrical conductivities of non-ferromagnetic metals
  • thickness of metallic coatings and non-metallic coatings on conductive materials
  • orientation and scope of the flaws

Classification of metals according to:

  • chemical components
  • identification of alloy
  • effects of the heat treatment
  • High sensitivity to microscopic flaws.
  • No possible harm to the surface being inspected.
  • No surface preparation needed (eg. no paint removal).
  • No danger from radiation.
  • No couplant needed.
  • High inspection speeds.
  • Low costs of inspection.
  • Underwater probe available.
  • Compatible with PCs (data sending and processing).
  • Environment-friendly testing method.
  • Possibility of application in the automated quality control systems.