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Ultraviolet lamps by Spectronics Co.- the world`s leader in the field of ultraviolet technology since 1955.


The various fields of application of UV-lamps are, among other things: non-destructive materials testing (dye penetrant and magnetic particles testing), laboratory and medical diagnostics, mineralogy, detection of leaks and pollution, hardening with UV-light, quality control and security control and many other.


The lamps fulfill the requirements of: MIL, DTD, ASME/ASTM.


We offer the following UV-lamp types:

Standing, high power Portable, ideal for NDT inspections (battery or accumulator powered; doubble-voltage 220V / 24V appropriate for energetics)


Our assortment includes lamps with various voltage and length of the emitted UV-light waves: UV-A (long waves - 365nm), UV-B (medium waves - 312nm), UV-C (short waves - 254nm).